Wedding Industry


1. How long have you been you working as a wedding planner? *


2. How many weddings per month/year do you do? *


3. What type of experience do you have? How many weddings have you done? *


4. Which of these service do you offer? *


5. Which of the above services are most common for couples to want? *


6. Are you planning weddings in one of the venues below? *


7. Do you have a wedding planning package? If so, what is included? *


8. How do price your services and what do you charge on average? *


9. Have you been affected from the new ways of getting married (ex civil ceremonies, gay marriages, unlicensed venues and celebrants)? *


10. Which are your main promotional tools? *


11. Do these promotional tools work well for your services? *


12. Have you ever received a dissatisfaction or a complaint for your services? If yes please specify.

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