Parent Survey

As an Academy we are continually trying to improve our practice in order to maintain outstanding education to our pupils. In order to be able to continue this we value all our parents' comments and feedback.

1. My child feels safe at school.


2. When you visit the school, the behaviour of pupils is good.


3. My child is helped to be fit and healthy. Eg Healthy Snacks, midday exercise, access to the hub & hydrotherapy pool.


4. My child is well cared for at the school. Eg. If my child has an accident I am informed.


5. There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable.


6. The service from our Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) and Physiotherapist meet the needs of my child.


7. My child is helped to achieve the best they can.


8. Staff encourage my child to be as independent as they can.


9. Staff treat my child fairly.


10. The building facilities meet my child's needs.


11. The school seeks the views of parents and carers and takes account of their suggestions or concerns.


12. I am kept well informed of my child's progress at review meetings/transitions.


13. I get a good response from the school when I ask for help and advice.


14. I feel welcomed when I visit the school.


15. Do you like the schools open door policy.

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