JEN joining form

1. JEN joining form

Please fill in the following details if you would like to join the Jesus Entrepreneur Network (JEN). By submitting this form you agree for your name and a short bio to be circulated amongst those in this network. Additional questions are designed to help the Jesus Events Team to ascertain demand and plan for future events.

1. Full Name: *


2. Matriculation year: *


3. Email address: *


4. Please write a short bio (around 200 words) including your current or most recent role and job title, your industry background and any projects you think relevant. *


5. If you would like to, please include a link to your LinkedIn profile. You can also provide links to websites with more information about projects or companies you are involved in.


6. Tell us how you might like to help others (for example - mentoring, shadowing opportunities or offering paid internships for Jesus students, sponsoring a venue/event for a JEN meeting, investment, or consulting). *


7. Please also let us how this network can help you (for example - building a senior team, raising finance, or industry advice). *

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