Add an event

We're currently trialling Co-operate in Trafford, Leeds and Bollington.

If you're in another area in the UK, feel free to add your event or activity and we'll let you know when we're live in your area.

The event or activity must:
  • benefit the community
  • be open to everyone – events for specific groups are also accepted. For example: disabled people
  • be organised by a local group or charity
  • be affordable or free

1. Event or activity name

For example: the event or activity name you're using on social media, your website or leaflets *


2. Give one sentence that encourages people to attend the event or activity

For example: Inclusive cycling session on an outdoor track that puts disabled people first *


3. Describe the event or activity (100 words max)

Make sure you let people know:
  • what happens at your event or activity
  • who it's for
  • why they should come along
  • how it will help or benefit them


4. How does the event or activity benefit the community? *


5. Event or activity category *


6. Date and time

If it’s a:
  • regular thing, it should look like this – Mondays, 3pm to 5pm
  • one-off event, it should look like this – Monday 6 May, 3pm to 5pm


7. Where is the event or activity taking place?

For example: Stretford Public Hall, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0LG.

Make sure you include a postcode. *


8. Price

If it's free, type Free *


9. Event or activity photo

A photo is important in persuading people to attend your event. 

Upload a good quality photo that shows your event or activity.

Make sure you:
  • get permission from any people in the photo
  • the photo does not have words on it. Photos with words are difficult to read

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10. Event or activity poster

If you have a poster that you're using to advertise the event in your community, you can upload it.

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