PORTWIMS feedback form

1. Please provide your feedback on project activities that you have participated in

PORTWIMS would like to receive information on all activities provided through the project, whether a staff exchange, a summer school or placement we'd like to know how it has helped you.  This information will be used for monitoring and evaluating the project.  All personal information will be treated confidentially according to Data Protection Laws.

1. What PORTWIMS related activity did you participate in? e.g. summer school, staff exchange, cruise (please give the name of the course / cruise, dates and host institute)


2. How did you find the activity? (Was it useful / successful for you? Did it meet your expectations?)


3. Has the activity helped you to advance your scientific research / expertise / experience? (If so please briefly describe how)


4. How will you take forward what you have learnt / the experience you've had? e.g. future paper, project proposal, collaboration, further exchange that has come about because of the experience.


5. Did you enjoy the activity? Were you able to gain / learn anything from it on a personal level?


6. Any general comments / suggestions you'd like to make?


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