Organisational Health Check Grant 2021-22 Application Form

1. Organisational Health Check Grant Application 2021-22

About this grant
Organisational Health Check Grants are funded by South East Museum Development (SEMD) and Arts Council England (ACE).  The grant is open exclusively to museums that have completed the Organisational Health Check in 2020-21.  

The Organisational Health Check is a self-assessment took that identifies areas of strength, and areas in need of development within the museum. This is particularly helpful for museums going through periods of change, or those that have outstanding areas to develop to meet Accreditation standards.  

Museums taking part in the Organisational Health Check will receive an Advisory Report from South East Museum Development . 
This grant helps the museum fund activity that addresses one or more issues identified in the Advisory Report.  We expect all activity proposed in your application to be completed within 12 months of receiving the funds. 
Please read the Organisational Health Check Grant Guidance and discuss your application with a Museum Development Officer before submitting your grant application.  
IMPORTANT:  It is part of our funding conditions that grant recipients submit data in the Annual Museum Survey (registration June/July 2022; survey deadline Sept/Oct 2022).  Failure to do so will render the museum ineligible for SEMD grants until April 2023. 
Who can apply
  • Museums in Surrey, East and West Sussex, Kent, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight
  • Accredited museums and those formally Working Towards Accreditation (WTA)
  • Museums that completed an Organisational Health Check with us in 2020-21
Who is ineligible?
  • museums that have not completed the Organisational Health Check 2021-22
  • national museums
  • NPO museums and NPO consortia members (National Portfolio Organisations)
  • non-accredited museums

How much can you apply for? 
 £2000 per museum

What is the deadline? 
  •  We will accept applications until 1 February 2022. 
  •  This is a rolling programme.  You can submit your application at any point.  We will aim to assess your application within 2 weeks of submission. 
What don’t we fund? 
  • Activity that does not relate to the museum’s Organisational Health Check’s Advisory Report
  • Cashflow, basic overheads and running costs, staff salaries 
  • Covering losses, relating reserves, redundancies
  • Activity we have previously funded at your museum