Archivo Storage Survey


1. Which storage technologies are currently deployed within your infrastructure? *


2. What are your priorities for your storage solution? (please tick all that apply) *


3. What is the total capacity of your existing shared, on premise, data storage? *


4. Which manufacturer's equipment do you currently use for shared storage? (please tick all that apply) *


5. How long have you had these storage systems for? *


6. Which physical server manufacturer's system(s) do you use? (please tick all that apply) *


7. How many virtual servers does your infrastructure support? *


8. Which hypervisor manufacturer do you use to enable this? (please tick all that apply) *


9. What are the most challenging issues you have involving performance, scale, management and availability? (please tick all that apply) *


10. What would say are your particular challenges? (please tick all that apply) *


11. Your Contact Details *

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