Antho Feedback Survey


1. Are you a filmmaker? (If you click on NO please skip to question 7)


2. How many short films, web series or feature films have you either created or been a part of?


3. Which platforms do you tend to uploads these on? (If any at all?)


4. What types of tools do other platforms offer you to help your films or series gain more exposure?


5. Which Antho exclusive features do you find useful in enabling you to reach a wider audience?


6. What type of ideas can Antho implement in the future in order to cater more to the needs of filmmakers?


7. What have you watched on Antho? If you haven't watched anything, please state why.


8. Would you recommend Antho to a friend?


9. What can Antho do to increase their audience?


10. Thank you for being a legend!

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