The Jo Cox Civility Commission seeks to address the issue of abuse and intimidation of elected politicians in the UK. We define abuse and intimidation as “words and/or behaviour intended or likely to block, influence or deter participation in public debate, cause alarm or distress which could lead to an individual wanting to withdraw from public life.”

The focus of this open call is to gather suggestions for interventions to address the issue. Though we are interested in hearing about experiences of abuse, the primary purpose of this Commission is to draw together suggestions from key stakeholders and sector experts that will ultimately bring about long-term reform of the issue.

We welcome written suggestions from individuals or organisations. Solutions proposed can be for short, medium or long-term interventions, and for smaller scale actions as well as significant systems change. The sections are ordered thematically with prompt questions. These are here as a guide, rather than set questions, so do share any suggestions you have on the broad topics.  Please do only complete sections where you have something specific to add - you are not required to fill each section. 

If you would rather submit by email, you can download these questions via our website and send your submission to If you would rather submit evidence via a different method, please contact us via in the first instance. 

What happens to your submission?
We will read your submission to inform the final recommendations of the Commission. Your evidence may be published in our report and online. If you wish to make your submission anonymously, you are given this option. You can read our privacy notice here