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2. How old is your child? *


3. What is your child’s clothing size at Move Dance? *


4. What type of clothing does your child wear between classes?


5. Does your child like to express that they’re a dancer through their clothing when outside of class?


6. Please select which type/s of clothing from our new Move Dance Dance Fashion range that you or your child want to see more of: *


7. Please select any items that are not in the Dance Fashion collection which you would like to see: *


8. What colour from our new Dance Fashion range do you think we should create more styles in?


9. Which style/s from the new Dance Fashion collection is/are your child’s favourite? Write the product name below, (e.g. "Printed Leggings"). *


10. Look at the below pictures of our Dance Fashion range.
Using the numbers listed on each image, please write each style’s number next to which clothing age group you think it will be the most popular for.


11. How much does price affect whether you purchase something or not on a scale of 1-5 (1-low affect, 5-high affect)?


12. How important is comfort to you when purchasing clothing on a scale from 1-5 (1-unimportant, 5-extremely important)?


13. How much of your purchasing decisions are influenced by trends that you or your child see from their friends/magazines/dance school/on social media? *


14. Does your child like to wear matching clothing with others in their dance class?


15. Please order the following for your child’s preference of fashionwear (1-first, 4-last): *


16. How much do extra embellishments to clothing (such as sequins, gems, cut-outs, textures, cross-backs) affect the clothing purchases you make? Select the appropriate answer. *


17. When purchasing leggings, would you ideally like to pair them with a matching top?


18. (For parents who shop for kids) What are your top 3 retail and/or dancewear brands for out of dance class clothing?


19. (For kids) What are your top 3 favourite clothing brands for out of class outfits? (Can be dance brands or normal high street)

Please see our T&Cs before entering the competition.