Fertility Decision Aid tool Survey


1. What is your current job role? *


2. In which setting do you work?


3. Do you work in an IVF setting?


4. Do you know what a decision aid is? *


5. Do you know how a Decision Aid differs from a traditional ‘Patient information Leaflet’(PIL) ?


6. Do you think a decision aid would be more beneficial than PIL to aid an ‘informed’ decision-making process?


7. Do you use a patient decision aid for any fertility treatment option at your centre? (please do not state yes if you use only Patient information leaflet)


8. Do you have a decision aid tool for donors? If yes, tick all that applies.


9. Do you think a decision aid tool would be useful in the field of fertility for treatment and/or research? If yes, please specify or tick all that applies.


10. If a decision aid tool is available, would you be happy to trial it at your centre?

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