SWDTP Conference 2019 - Social Event

1. SWDTP Conference 2019 - Social Event

This years committee are considering hosting an after party/social event once the conference has finished at around 6pm. In a recent survey from the SWDTP it found that those students part of the SWDTP wanted to see more social activities and events. This years committee would like to give ESRC funded students and other delegates who attend the conference the chance to let their hair down and have some fun once the conference has ended. A PGR social event that took place recently at the Cross-Keys on St Luke's Campus proved to be a great success. At this social event there was a live band, some hot food, a bar serving both soft and alcoholic drinks and a photo booth. Ideally we would like to host something similar but for those who are attending the conference. When completing this questionnaire please do think about how far you are travelling, how you might get back home or whether you need accommodation. The committee have already secured 50% off rail tickets when using a railcard. More on this soon though.

1. How likely is it you will be attending the SWDTP 2019 Conference: Effective and Innovative Communication in your Research on Wednesday 13th November on St Luke's Campus at the University of Exeter?


2. This years SWDTP Conference Committee are thinking about arranging an after party/social event after the conference from around 6pm onwards.

How likely is it you would attend after the conference has finished?


3. As this years SWDTP Conference will be held on St Luke's Campus at the University of Exeter, would you attend the social event if it was held at the newly refurbished Cross-Keys on St Luke's Campus?


4. Considering where you are travelling from to attend the conference and whether you might want to use your RTSG for travel and accommodation, what is the latest you could attend the after party/social event?
(In a similar event held at the Cross-Keys, the event ended around 11pm)


5. What sort of things would you like to see at the the SWDTP after party/social event if we had one.
(tick all the apply)

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