Advocacy consultation


1. We are seeking the views of carers so that we can respond to an online consultation that will shape the future of Advocacy Services in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Very often you as parent and carer will play a key role in advocating or speaking up for your child or relative, you are usually the most appropriate person to do this.
Sometimes it helps if an independent voice (advocate) can add weight to support your child's wishes and at other times an adviocate who is an expert in a particular field might be better placed to support your relative..

We want your views on what should be expected from any professional advocacy service

We would appreciate you completing the following very short survey so that we can respond on behalf of our 1900 members

The deadline for this consultation is 30th April so please complete the survey right away-it will only take a few minutes!

If you wish to make your own response or see the consultation paper, please copy and paste this link into your browser :

To start with which county do you live in?


2. Have you or your child (including adult son/daughter) ever used advocacy services?


3. If you have used advocacy services did you find them helpful - please explain in a few words your experiences


4. Do you know where to find or access advocacy services?


5. We all want your child or relative to have as much say and choice in the way that they are supported.
Sometimes they need assistance to be listened to or be understood.

Please tick any statements below that you agree with

I am best placed to speak on behalf on my childMy child can speak for themselves with a little help from myself or family memberAt times an independent advocate helping my child express their wishes would be usefulMy child cannot express their wishes or choices
Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree

6. Do you agree that all advocacy services should:

be led by the views and wishes of the individual

be champions of the individual’s rights and needs

be well publicised and easy to use

work exclusively for the individual

be well managed, prompt, responsive and provide value for money

respect confidentiality

have effective, accessible Compliments and Complaints procedures

promote and monitor equality


7. Do you agree that the best way to encourage people to use advocacy services is by:


8. If you have any views, comments or opinions that you would like us to share on the topic of professional advocacy please share them below.
We are determined to ensure that our loved ones are supported and listened to even when we are not around to help them so your views are vital