BHASVIC's Wellbeing & Counselling Referral System

1. Online Wellbeing & Counselling Referral System
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We all experience challenging times in our lives, and it's not unusual to feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious, stressed, low in mood or worried about a particular aspect of your life. 

At BHASVIC, we have a wealth of support available to you. As well as talking to your Personal Tutor and Guidance Manager, our Welfare Coordinator can offer emotional and practical support on a wide range of issues which may be affecting your day to day life such as: 

  • Money worries
  • Physical, emotional and mental health
  • Safety and crime
  • Accommodation difficulties e.g. breakdown of family relationship leading to an insecure housing situation
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Relationship issues with family, friends or peers
  • Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs
  • Bullying

Our Welfare Coordinator is also well connected to other organisations across Sussex who offer support to young people in these areas and can support you in contacting them. 

We also have a team of counsellors who can offer free, confidential, one to one support. The purpose of seeing one of our counsellors is to offer you a regular, supportive, safe and confidential space to talk about anything that is making you worried or upset, or any difficult thoughts you are having.

What you say remains confidential - unless we think you or any other person is at risk of coming to serious harm. Even then we would hope to talk to you about it first. Sometimes young people ask us to talk to parents, carers, teachers or tutors on their behalf.

Whatever it is that is worrying you, no matter how small you think it may seem, if you want to talk to someone please get in touch by continuing to the next page and completing a referral. It may take some time to complete the referral - you might want to ensure you have some privacy and at least 10 minutes without interruption. 
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