Community Inclusion and Engagement Questionnaire

1. Description of the questionnaire


What are we doing?

This survey is being carried out by Cambridge City Council with support from voluntary and community organisations. We are asking different questions about who you are, the services you use, and how you feel about Cambridge. This survey also focuses on the impact of Covid 19 on people’s lives. We are not asking for your name, address, or other details that will immediately identify who you are.

Please note that under the ‘Your Safety’ section of the questionnaire we are asking questions about bullying, harassment and physical/verbal abuse. The questionnaire also includes questions on domestic abuse and sexual violence. There is space for people to explain how these experiences have impacted on them if they wish, and if people have reported these experiences (and why if not). If you do not wish to read or complete these questions, you can skip these questions. We wanted to provide an early warning of the  questions in case they mean you would not want to undertake this questionnaire at all.

The information you share with us will help the council to develop its equalities strategy, called the Single Equality Scheme. It is a legal obligation for Cambridge City Council to publish its ‘equality objectives’ every few years. We do this in our equalities strategy. We want to find out how we can make sure people feel safe, welcome, and included in Cambridge.

What will we do with the information?

We will be analysing information from people completing the questionnaire to see how we can improve local services. An third-party organisation will analyse the findings of the questionnaires. Cambridge City Council and the organisation analysing the questionnaires will be the only organisations that have access to all the individual completed questionnaires. The completed questionnaires will be deleted after 5 years.  The council will have an agreement in place with the third-party organisation to make sure individual responses to the questionnaire are not shared more widely.

The analysed information will be included in a report. People will not be able to identify who you are from the report. The report will be published on Cambridge City Council’s website. It will also be shared with City Council staff, other public sector service providers, and local voluntary and community sector organisations.

Completing the questionnaire

If you need a break at any point, the questionnaire can be saved and returned to. You do not have to complete all the sections to submit it.

You can get the questionnaire sent to you in alternative paper-based format. You can ask for a questionnaire in larger font, in braille, or translated into another language. If you need this, please get in touch with or call 01223 457046.

Many thanks for your time in taking part.