Please fill out this survey if you consider yourself a Braille user.  
This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, we thank you for your time.
Due to the limitations of the website, if you're using a screen reader other than NVDA, you may experience a glitch where the question and answer are read out twice. We apologise for this and really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

1. Would you be more likely to engage with nature if there were more nature focussed Braille materials available? *


2. If Braille was in nature places such as parks and gardens, would you feel more welcome there? *


3. Can you tell us more or give an example?


4. Does it make it easier to, for example, visit a place, take environmental action, take up a hobby, or are you more inclined to, if the information is available in Braille? *


5. What nature topics and activities would you like to explore through Braille? *


6. What type of Braille materials would you like to have about nature? *


7. When you’re considering visiting somewhere, is it helpful to have some pre visit information in Braille? *


8. During a visit is it helpful for you to have materials available, such as: (select all that apply) *


9. We are exploring ideas of how we can include Braille in outdoor environments, which would be useful? Select all that apply. *


10. What are the main benefits to you of having more Braille materials available? *


11. What are the most common flaws you find in Braille materials, when you are out and about? (e.g. out of date information, upside down) *


12. If there is anything else, you would like to share with us about the above questions or your thoughts on Language of Nature then please do so here.