SME digital marketing survey

1. What does your business do?


2. Do you sell products (e-commerce) /services through your website?


3. Do you do most of your marketing online (e.g.SEO, social advertising, PPC) or more traditional offline methods (e.g. advertising, direct mail)?


4. If you do online marketing, what activities do you focus on?


5. What form of online marketing has been most successful for your business?


6. How much do you spend a year on marketing as a whole?


7. How much do you spend a year on online marketing?


8. Do you do your own online marketing or do you outsource it?


9. Is online marketing essential for the success of your business?


10. Are you seeing a good return on investment from your online marketing?


11. As a proportion of your total annual revenue, how much does online marketing contribute?


12. What do you find most challenging about online marketing?


13. What are the main benefits of online marketing?

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