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Primary Care Support @ KERA trading as KERA Consultancy Ltd, in collaboration with Castle Health & Coaching, designed a service model of group supervision sessions for up to 7 people per session.

  • The model will provide peer support with themes that emerge from their groups, and also support in connecting and developing the workforce and provide further integration opportunities.
  • These will be via MS teams systems or similar and will be approx. 2 hours per session.
  • The model will develop an integrated team approach and will support a number of people working in the personalised care roles to develop into supervisor roles which will provide more supervision capacity for practice and PCN teams in future.

This particular EOI form is for Health and Wellbeing Coaches, their managers or employers.
This EOI is to express interest in taking part of Coaching Supervision Sessions where you or your Health & Wellbeing Coach don't currently receive them by a qualified Coach Supervisor or where funding isn't already in place for this at this current time within your PCN.

If you're in doubt, please complete the form so we can discuss any offers with you further.


  1. CQC requires health care providers to provide adequate support and supervision to staff for them to carry out their roles and responsibilities.
  2. The 2022/23 Network Contract DES[2] specifies that practices must provide supervision for the PCN’s health and wellbeing coach(es), care coordinators and social prescribing link workers
  3. Currently, there are limited good practice and sustainable Supervision models for the Personalised Care Roles, this impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of the roles and their ability to reduce additional pressures on Primary Care.

There are three types of supervision health and wellbeing coaches should receive:

  1. Access to supervision from a clinician - “clinical supervision”
  2. Health coaching supervision and CPD - “coaching supervision”
  3. Line management support and supervision.

Clinical supervision is the named point of contact for specific clinical concerns (e.g. queries around a medication or a condition worsening).  Clinical supervision supports reflective practice, case studies, significant events. Clinical supervision should be provided by a senior experienced clinician, who may be a GP, ANP, senior nurse, or other senior clinician who has experience in supervision in primary care, including knowledge of relevant clinical guidelines, processes and safeguarding.
Coaching supervision (professional supervision) supports ongoing personal and professional development, focussing on developing the coaching skills, competencies and capabilities. Professional Coaching supervision should be provided by an experienced qualified coaching supervisor.
Line management supervision is the general day-to-day management of the role, provides support, manages caseloads etc.  This is the first point of contact for HWbC in post.  The line manager will have responsibility for the HWbC’s regular training, reviews, appraisals, PDP needs being met.



Coaching Supervision sessions are charged at £75 plus vat per session per individual coach.  Discounts may be offered for multiple bookings and should be discussed in advance of bookings.


Payment is required within 28 days of invoice being received.