EAC Interested Tenants and Residents Forum


1. East Ayrshire Housing Services is committed to tenant participation. This is because we believe that listening to what people say helps us to improve our services and reflect local views and opinions in the decisions we make. Anyone that uses East Ayrshire Council's Housing Service can join the forum Although, there may be times where we seek only the views of East Ayrshire Council tenants. For example consultation on rents or repairs. Membership is on a voluntary basis and you can become a member by completing the survey which provides us with some information about you, your home and your areas of interest.
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7. With permission we will share the information that you have provided on this application form with The East Ayrshire Federation (EAF) who also consult and seek the views of residents on a range of housing related matters. The EAF is the umbrella group representing Tenants` & Residents` Association`s in East Ayrshire and is funded by East Ayrshire Council.


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