Listener survey for the Fun with Bells podcast


1. Feedback on the Fun with Bells podcast
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HI there!  Thanks for taking just a few minutes to tell us about yourself and share some thoughts about our show.  We are always striving to improve and really value your feedback.  It is also very helpful for us to know who is listening.

Please know your responses are anonymous, though we will give the option to opt-in to be contacted for further feedback at the end.

1. We have published 22 episodes of Fun with Bells; how many have you listened to?


2. How did you first find out about the show?


3. For each of the items below, please indicate your level of satisfaction with our show:

Extremely dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedExtremely satisfied
Overall quality of the show
Production / sound quality
Show length
Frequency of new episodes

Please share a few things that you like or dislike about the show.


4. Have you any suggestions on how we could improve the show.

For example,
Who would you like us to interview next?
What could we do which would encourage you to listen to more episodes?


5. Have you read show notes, that are provided for each episode, on the website:

This is where we post photos, a summary of the episode, a biography of the interviewee and top 5 takeaways.

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