The CLD Response to COVID-19: Survey 2


We are asking you to complete this survey because it is important for us to hear your examples of how CLD practice is being utilised to support individuals and communities in meeting the challenges that we all currently face. We will use the information you provide both to support sharing among practitioners and to highlight to decision-makers the role of CLD.

We want to give you the opportunity to share examples of success in adapting how you carry out your CLD role in the current circumstances and of support you are getting for this; and any issues, such as access to technology, which are affecting your ability to adapt. This will enable the CLD Standards Council to highlight examples of good practice, and to pick up if there may be general issues affecting CLD practitioners, including those relating to their safety, health and wellbeing. If you have issues or concerns about your work situation, you should of course raise these with your employer and/or trade union.

In using the information shared with us we will not identify individuals who have provided it, If you are happy to include your contact details in your response, please do so; we may then contact you to discuss particular ways in which the information can be used. If you prefer to respond anonymously that is also very welcome. 

We know that you will all have a variety of demands on your time and attention and will be grateful if you can find the time to respond.


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