Headteachers Survey

We are facing unprecedented cuts to schools across England, caused by the lack of funding from central government.

£2.2billion has been slashedfrom per-pupil school budgets in real-terms since 2015, something that should rightly shame the Tory Government.

Please help me to establish a clear picture of how schools in our own area are being affected by returning my survey.

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1. What is the name of your school?


2. Has your school experienced a real-term budget cut in the last four years?


3. Has your school had to make reductions to any of the following as a result of budget cuts since 2015? (Please tick all that apply).


4. Do you consider you will have to make reductions to any of the following in the next five years, in light of the changes you anticipate to your school budget? (Please tick all that apply).


5. Roughly how many of your teachers have reported some form of stress in relation to their jobs in the last two years?


6. What do you think are the biggest reasons for teacher stress (either in your school, or more widely)?


7. Do you think the format for Ofsted inspections could be improved?


8. Do you support the idea that any future curriculum changes should be led by teachers and other experts in education, rather than by Government Ministers?


9. Please give any other views you have about the future of school curriculums and how you feel they could be improved.


10. What would you say is the biggest challenge facing you as a Headteacher in the next three years?


11. When in government, the Liberal Democrats pushed through the ‘Pupil Premium’, specifically to provide support for the most disadvantaged children. What impact has this had in your school?


12. In a typical school week, estimate the number of hours you spend teaching students in school (either whole
class, in groups or individually)


13. Would you be interested in feeding in regularly to a Liberal Democrat Headteachers’ forum?

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