Courtauld Climate Society Reading List

1. Environmental Reading List

The Courtauld Climate Society's aim is for all students to engage with some form of environmental critique during their studies at The Courtauld. As part of this, we are putting together a reading list of academic resources about environmentalism in art history, to eventually be added to a new VLE page dedicated to The Courtauld and the Climate Crisis.

Any students or staff are welcome to add their suggestions. Books and articles can range from very specific topics (e.g. Gothic French ivories) to broad themes (e.g. representations of the climate crisis in contemporary art). We are eager to include material about a wide variety of places and periods.

1. What books/articles would you like to see included in a reading list about art history and environmental critique? Please include as many or as few as you like.


2. Please feel free to add any extra comments or questions here.

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