Sex and Relationships Education in Primary School


1. Respondent Information Sheet & Informed Consent Form
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Hello, my name is Natasha Corbett, and I am currently studying an Undergraduate Degree in Education Studies in my third year at The University of East London. I am currently undertaking a research dissertation entitled: “Can Sex and Relationships Education be improved within the National Curriculum; what are our children learning? The purpose of my research project is to find out what children are being taught in school with regard to Sex and Relationship (SRE), the amount of SRE being taught in our Schools, and exactly what our children are learning. The findings of the study will be published in the dissertation. With your consent I would like for you to answer the questions within the questionnaire. It should take approximately ten minutes. I will allow you time to complete then I will collect after the given time period. Participation is voluntary and if you choose to withdraw from the research, you can do so at any point during the research. You will be asked to answer all questions honestly, and without fear of judgement and or ridicule. The research is anonymous, and I do not require personal answers such as name, date of birth or address. All answers will be recorded for analysis at a later date. The information I collate will not be accessible or available to anyone other than myself and my research supervisor. The data will be destroyed once the dissertation project is finished. Please note that complete confidentiality and anonymity will be maintained at all times. If you have any concerns regarding the study, and if you wish to ask questions regarding the study, this can be done before, during and after you have answered the questions. Contact details of me and the research supervisor are enclosed with this consent form if you wish to contact either of us regarding the research. Contact Details: Researcher: Natasha Corbett Email: Supervisor: Tomas Boronski Email: Thank you for your participation in the research. By signing this consent form certifies that participating in the research is voluntary, and that you have read and understood the information sheet provided to you.

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