Oaklands Health Centre - Proposed Change to Practice Boundary

1. Proposed Change to the Practice Boundary


What is a practice boundary?  The local area a GP practice covers is called a boundary. Sometimes a practice may decrease or increase a boundary to manage patient numbers. Oaklands Health Centre would like to apply to West Yorkshire ICB who buy (commission) health care for local people to change the current boundary of the practice. If the proposal is approved it will mean that the practice is not able to register any NEW patients who live outside the new boundary namely Kirkburton, HD8. Patients currently registered with the practice who live outside the boundary will remain with the practice. Please take a look at the proposed new boundary via the following link.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wF4UfsnTXhOuC4hBzrt3C_YQYgUP-TC0/edit  The practice would like your view on the proposal. Your views will be considered by the practice and West Yorkshire ICB to understand if the proposal will have an impact that we may not have considered. We would like you to tell us your views by filling out the short survey below. Once you have completed the survey, please hand it in or return it to the practice. The survey is also available online via our website Homepage - Oaklands Health Centre. For more information please go to the practice website for more information. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your views are important to us. If you would like help to complete this survey or would like it in a different format, please contact Fiona Cucksey on 01484 689111.


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2. What is the first part of your postcode? Example HD6, WF13


3. Do you think that a change to the practice boundary would have an impact on you/them?

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