Copy of For Lora's Luck Community Shops/Retail Viability Survey


1. Lora’s Luck Rescue had always planned on opening doggy centres all over the UK for dogs and their humans to have safe walks, training and doggy daycare, all sorts of workshops and training and education opportunities, volunteer and paid posts, dog friendly shops, cafes and short holiday breaks. We are currently in the process of setting up our first centre, free at the point of use/first contact for all our adopters as well as all dogs and their humans as we expand! This survey is to assess the need for a dog friendly and focused shop or shops on our site(s). Please do not spoil the survey by trolling, some questions can’t be skipped.

These surveys are anonymous, so please do not include any identifying information in your replies.

This survey will be used to assess need of services, and will influence which facilities we put in place first!

Are you happy to answer all obligatory questions on our survey?



2. Do you have a dog from Lora’s Luck? *


3. What does the term ‘dog friendly shop’ mean to you? *


4. If a truly dog friendly shop or shops opened by you, would you use it/them? *


5. What region of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland do you live in? *


6. Would you want any help in training your dog, and would you use the dog friendly shops if they were on site (questions will come later on types of retail we hope to provide)? *


7. If such a shop or shops opened by you or on a dog friendly holiday hub, how might you get to it? *


8. How would you describe yourself? We want to prioritise people in especial need of our services but all are welcome *


9. Would you or your dog need extra help getting to our around such a shopping centre, like a carer, driver or human buddy; or wheelchair access, level paths, ramps, quiet rooms/areas for anxious dogs etc?


10. Are you more likely to use the shop(s) *


11. What facilities would you like to see or have in a truly dog friendly shop/shops
Tick all that apply *


12. What facilities would feel are most important in a truly dog friendly shop or shops?
Please tick ten you consider to be the most important to you


13. If you said yes to any kind of ONE DAY activity option or activity above such as booking a walk/dog play park/ enclosed training field, what would be the most important to you
Tick all that apply *


14. If you said yes to any kind of overnight MORE THAN ONE DAY or short break holiday option or activity above, what would be the most important to you
Tick all that apply *


15. Would you like to help out or work in/with such a cafe (doggy daycare provided and dog friendly environment, kitchens excepted due to hygiene laws.)

If you have shown interest in a voluntary, paid, or Director option, on site or online please contact us for more info. Directors must be full members of For Lora’s Luck to use the land and of Lora’s Luck Ltd to have a say on how the funds raised are spent on the rescue, Lora’s Luck Ltd and For Lora’s Luck are not the same organisation. For Lora’s Luck is a CIC so please contact for more info on the land and for an application form to be a full member). *

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