Lifestyle Centre Review - Community Survey

Would you like to win £50 high street voucher for completing our survey on Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre. We would really value your opinion on our services and activities and for simply filling in our survey you will be entered into our prize draw.

1. Have you visited Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre?


2. Do you live in Wythenshawe?


3. Are you a WCHG tenant?


4. Do you know what services or activities we offer?


5. What was the purpose of your visit?


6. What benefits have you experienced as a result of visiting the Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre? Please rank the options below in order of importance to you with 1 being the most important. You can add other options to the list and include them in the ranking exercise.


7. What is your age range?


8. Have you used our catering facility? Please leave any comments


9. How was your experience at the Centre?


10. Do you think the Centre is Value for Money?


11. If you could suggest other services to run from our venue, what would they be and why?


12. We have lots of opportunities for you to get involved in the community through volunteering. Are you interested in getting involved and making a difference? If so, enter your name, email address and telephone number below and we will get in touch.


13. If you would like to be entered into our prize draw, please complete the following: