Disabled Peoples experiences of attending social venues and events

1. Shetland's Social Events and Venues should be more inclusive for all Disabled People

A group of us  have come together to research for change.
We have chosen the topic and methods. This is an Action Research project.
Simply scroll down to complete the survey questions. There are 8 short questions.
We are asking Disabled People , Unpaid Carers, Families and paid Support Workers to please complete our online or paper survey.
With your help we aim to have the highest possible engagement to make useful change.

To request a paper copy or an  EasyRead version  
Call -  01595 745091 
or call using -  contactSCOTLAND-BSL
email - communityconnections@shetland.org

Data statement 
Is it confidential?
Yes you do not have to provide name or details.

Will my data be stored securely?
Yes. If you choose to provide contact details your data is stored using SmartSurvey Ltd. which is registered with the ICO (registration number: Z1155070). The ICO is the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights. 

What will be done with the results?
We will use responses to the survey to write up a report to support useful change. No identifiable information will be published.

Thankyou for completing this important survey to inform useful change 
Please scroll down and complete. 

1. Survey Starts Here

We use the term Disabled People in line with the understanding that people are disabled by barriers in society not by impairment , difference or illness.  Society creates the barriers and those barriers can be changed. 

Are you... *


2. How often do you typically attend social events or venues in Shetland? (when answering, please consider your attendance at venues and events before lockdown and now moving out of restrictions) *


3. Are there any events or venues in Shetland that are difficult for you to go to?


4. How confident are you to attend social events and venues in Shetland?


5. What have been your experiences of attending or supporting a Disabled Person to attend an event or venue in Shetland?


6. Do you feel organisers and venues need to improve their planning to support Disabled People to access events and venues equally? *


7. What changes to social events or venues would have a positive impact on your attendance?


8. Do you feel that Disabled People should be part of planning for inclusive events and spaces? *


9. Please add any ideas to improve experiences of attending events and venues in Shetland.


10. Would you like to tell us more ? We can arrange to contact you.
Please give your contact details here .


This research has been made possible by Knowledge is Power funding sourced by Shetland Community Connections.
The survey will run from 15.11.21 to 15.1.21.
Check out our survey templates or create your own.