Survey on the Constitutional Drafting Committee

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1. Sex


2. Age Group


3. Maritial Status


4. Locality


5. Education Status


6. Employment Status


7. Main Occupation


8. Are the six seats allocated to women enough to ensure that the participation of women is not merely tokenistic in nature?


9. Is it fair representation for half of Libya’s population?


10. Are minorities adequately represented with 2 seats per group?


11. Should more be done to ensure their active participation such as electoral districting which is sensitive to minority populations’ geographic locations?


12. What about other groups not mentioned such as religious minorities, special needs citizens, political minorities, etc.? Do they deserve a voice on the Committee?


13. Should the Political Isolation Law apply to candidates running for the Committee, even if the constitution is intended to last longer than the 10-year period of isolation provided for in the Political Isolation Law?


14. Was the GNC sufficiently engaged with the public and with civil society during the drafting of the law?


15. Was the process transparent and did it foster public opinion?

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