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Language Diversity Survey - Edinburgh Summer 2013

This questionnaire is part of a research project, the results of which will be presented at an international conference in Naples, Italy, on Language Diversity. The aim of this research is to investigate how the people of Scotland view the Scots language, its status in the nation and the role of the Scottish Parliament in the protection and promotion of the Scots language.
The survey is divided into 4 parts, with a total of 20 questions. Part A consists of 8 questions regarding general personal information (gender, age, nationality, place of residence, education, and political affiliation) all of which is given anonymously. There are 5 questions in Part B which ask you for your perceptions about the Scots language. Part C has a total of 7 questions which regard your perceptions of national identity. Part D is optional and it is where you can leave further comments on the topic should you wish to do so. Please note that ALL questionnaires are anonymous and information provided cannot be used for any other purpose other than this research project.   Please feel free to email me at should you have any queries or concerns.


All information given is done so anonymously and will only be used for the purposes of this research project.

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5. What is your current employment status? *

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