RIBBLE LIFE: Valuing Local Rivers

We want to know what you think about your local river.  The Ribble catchment is the area of land that is drained by the River Ribble and its major tributaries which include the Hodder, Calder & Darwen.  It covers a varied landscape and is home to over 1.25 million people as well as supporting a wide range of habitats and wildlife.
The information you give us here will help us to understand how people feel about rivers.  Data will be used for statistical purposes and anonymised data may be shared with partners.  
For more information about this survey and what will be done with the findings, please email ribblelife@ribbletrust.com or telephone 01200 444452.
Thank you for completing this survey.

1. What is your postcode? *


2. How often do you visit your local river?


3. What do you normally do when you visit the river?


4. Can you give three examples of things you like about your local river?


5. Can you give three examples of things you don't like about your local river?


6. How often do you see wildlife in and around your local river?


7. The health of our rivers is under threat from a range of issues. From the list below, which do you think is the BIGGEST threat to your local rivers' health?


8. What changes would most improve your local river?


9. Would you like to get involved in making improvements to your local river?


10. If you answered 'Yes', how would you like to be involved? (Please make sure you leave your contact details at the end of this survey)


11. Contact details

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