Copy of Patient Survey - Plas Menai Health Centre Patients

Dear patients of Plas Menai Health Centre. You may recently have heard the news that the Plas Menai Health Centre partnership has been awarded the primary care contract for both the Llys Meddyg and Gyffin surgeries located in Conwy [Commencing on 1 February 2022]. We wish to assure our patients that the award of these services will not be at the detriment of our patient commitment to Plas Menai, rather in effort to supporting a more resilient and progressive service across the towns of Penmaenmawr, Llanfairfechan and Conwy and their surrounding villages.  We can also assure our patients that there is no plan to merge the current Plas Menai service with that in Conwy, nor is there any discussion regarding the need for current Plas Menai Health Centre patients to travel to Conwy for their service; or Conwy patients to Llanfairfechan.  We anticipate that our current patients will see no change to their current service.

We will naturally undertake to engage with you in the coming weeks to understand of any worries that may be held in light of this news. We see this survey as a key element of our efforts to learn of your thoughts in respect of the contract change.

We thank you for your time in completing this - Richard. 

1. Which area of the practice boundary do you reside at?


2. How content are you with the news that the Plas Menai Health Centre partnership have been awarded the contract for the two surgeries?


3. In respect of the award of the contracts to the Plas Menai Health Centre partnership, what impacts do you feel this may have on your direct care?


4. We very much appreciate your time in completing this short survey - it is our aim to maintain our efforts to learn of the patient experience at Conwy. We have recently formed a Patient Engagement Group [PEG] relevant to the Conwy surgeries - the model is similar to that used for some time at the Plas Menai Health Centre. If you would like to join the group then do please leave your email address with us. We will then be in contact.

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