OBG Scales/Fretboard Resource


1. Which option below best describes your current level of playing?


2. Why is having a better knowledge of scales and the bass neck important to you?


3. I'd like to create a resource that helps bassists master the neck. What type of resource would you like the most? Choose as many answers as you like below.


4. Are there any features or subject areas you'd like to see covered in this resource?


5. What do you find difficult about learning the fretboard and learning scales?


6. Imagine there was an online resource that solved all the problems you mentioned in the last question.

At what price would you feel buying this resource would be a "no brainer" and you definitely would buy it?


7. At what price point would you probably buy this resource?


8. At what price point would you say is too expensive and you wouldn't consider buying this resource?

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