1. What district is your business in? *


2. What is the size of your business by number of staff? *


3. What is your business sector? *


4. Are you aware of the UK's commitment to be Net Zero by 2050?


5. Do you support the UK's Net Zero target?


6. Have you made the government's SME Climate Commitment pledge


7. Have you signed up to any other pledge or commitment towards Net Zero? Please specify


8. What are the barriers in your business to reducing carbon emissions? Please indicate all that apply.


9. What are your business' motives to reach Net Zero? Please indicate all that apply.


10. What do you think would be useful in encouraging more actions towards Net Zero? Please indicate all that apply.


11. Have you calculated the carbon emissions associated with operating your business?


12. Have you identified possible options within your business to cut carbon emissions? *