Simplicity | Accessing Funds for Growth in the Recruitment Industry
Dear Recruiter,
Thank you, for taking the time to complete our survey regarding "Accessing funds for growth in the Recruitment Industry".
The UK Recruitment Industry has seen little growth over the last few years, with certain sectors being affected more than others.
Clients have been managing their businesses with the staff they have, or taking less permanent and temporary/ contract staff than normal, resulting in slower growth for many recruitment businesses across the UK.
Any increase in growth requires cash to finance it. By taking 5 minutes to complete our survey, you will help to provide us with important information detailing how easy, or difficult, it is to access funds to help you grow your business over the next 12 months.

Thank you, in advance for your support.

Do you believe the UK economy is on the mend?


How would you describe your recruitment business?


What sector, or sectors, do you specialise in?


What is your annual turnover?


How many internal staff do you employ in your business?


What percentage of your business is in the United Kingdom?


Do you use external funding to finance your recruitment business?


What type of finance facility do you have?


How would you describe your finance facility?


Do Credit or Funding limits restrict the growth of your business?


Do concentration limits, or your spread of debtors, restrict your business growth?


If you had access to more funding, would that enable you to grow your business?


Have you found it difficult to increase funding levels, when more has been required, with your current funder?


How would you describe the cost of your current financial facility?


Have you tried to secure funding in other ways?


How would you describe your potential growth over the next 12 months?


Have you targeted different sectors within recruitment to support growth?


Have you considered doing business abroad to support growth?


Do you think the UK will experience another recession in the next 12 months?


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