Calling all Elvis fans, we want to hear from you for our film: ORION. Win a DVD!

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Hello, we are the team behind a documentary movie about ORION; a recording artist who was blessed and cursed with an incredible voice. He was launched on Sun Records in 1978. He wasn't an ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) but the mysterious mask and his incredible sound-a-like voice led hundreds of thousands of people to believe that he might just be 'The King'.  
We're really interested in hearing from Elvis fans to help us in our research for the film. 
All information disclosed here will be kept anonymous and used for academic and research purposes only. If you have any questions about this survey, its procedures, or your participation, please email:
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One person who completes the survey could win a signed copy of director Jeanie Finlay's BIFA nominated film The Great Hip Hop Hoax on DVD.
It should take no more than five minutes to complete. Thank you for your support!
Best wishes, Jeanie Finlay and Sally Hodgson

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Our feature documentary is about a recording artist called ORION who was signed to Sun Records in 1978 and wore a mask.  Read More>

Have you ever heard of "Orion" or "Jimmy Ellis"?



ORION wasn't an Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) he just sounded incredibly like Elvis and recorded his own material.

Do you ever go to see Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs) perform?


12. Why do you think the work and the legend of Elvis Presley has endured for as long as it has, even many years after his passing. What is it about him?


13. Do you have any other comments about being an Elvis fan that are not included in this survey? Please tell us here...



We will be using crowdfunding to help raise finance and complete our budget to finish the film about ORION. Crowdfunding is a great way to get fans and audiences involved in the film before it is finished and we'll offer exclusive merchandise to everyone that backs Orion The Movie in exchange for their contribution.

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