Transition Town Lewes (TTL)

The TTL Steering group and myself, Rosie Sibley, studying at Sussex University, are hoping to gather some information about those who read the TTL newsletter or visit the TTL website. I am doing my final year dissertation on how community groups, like Transition Town Lewes, help overcome the problems which prevent people considering the environment every day.
We would really appreciate it if you could complete the following survey.  This survey consists of 13 questions and should take you less than 5 minutes. The questionnaire is anonymous, however, results will be shared with the TTL Steering group. 
If you have any further questions or comments please contact me at, alternatively contact Juliet on 07887 556 177. 
Thank You.  

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1. When did you hear about TTL?


2. How did you hear about TTL? (select all that apply)


3. Since being involved with TTL - has your awareness of environmental issues changed?


4. Since hearing about TTL - have you made any of the following changes in your everyday life?

Yes NoAlready did
Recycling your rubbish
Swapping, donating or Freecycling unwanted items
Composting or using town collection of food waste
Insulating your home
Cutting down use of gas and electricity
Using renewable fuel - eg solar panels
Buying locally produced food and drink
Growing your own food
Car sharing / using car club
Walking, cycling or using public transport instead of car
None of the above - but I would like to

5. Before being involved with TTL - did you do any of the activities in question 4?


6. If TTL was your first involvement in sustainable living what were your reasons for not being involved prior to this? (select all that apply)


7. How far do you agree with the following statements?

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I share similar values about the environment to others in TTL
Since being involved in TTL, facilties to help with environmental actions have increased in Lewes
Since being involved in TTL increasingly other organisations in Lewes consider the environment
Since being involved in TTL I have greater understanding about environmental issues

8. What effects has TTL had on your life? (select all that apply)


9. Have you been involved in or attended any of the following TTL events or activities?

Last WeekLast MonthLast YearNeverI have not done this but I would like to
Friday food market at the Clock Tower
Use the Lewes Pound
Attended a film or debate (e.g. Burning question)
Read the monthly on-line TTL newsletter
Read the monthly transition newspaper Transition Free Press
Attended draught-busting workshop with SNUG
Visited Lewes Eco open houses annual event in September
Visited the TTL website
Attended meeting of TTL groups
Attended TTL social

10. Would you like to be more active in TTL?


11. If yes, how would you like to be more active?


12. What is your age?


13. What is your Gender?


14. Whether you're completely new to transition or just want to get more involved, you are warmly welcome to the monthly TTL socials at the Lewes Arms. Discover what different TTL groups have been up to. Share your ideas whether you're interested in food growing, energy, eco building or something else. Enquiries: Juliet on 07887 556 177

Do you have any questions or comments?

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