Royal Mail Tracked Option


We have been given the option to move to Fully Tracked parcels on our Royal Mail account.   We are seriously thinking about it as there have been several parcels lately that have taken over 2 weeks to arrive and we have no way of tracking where it is for customers.  


Unfortunately there is a problem, the Fully Tracked Large Letters are a flat rate for 0 to 1kg and that price is a lot more than we currently pay for 0 to 100g, which a lot of our Large Letters are.


We have always had a reduced P+P rate for 1 or 2 patterns, but we would not be able to keep that low P+P if we went down the fully tracked route.   


The revised P+P costs would be as follows.  


1 to 11 Pattern Leaflets* - £2.65

1 to 3 Pattern Books* - £2.65

Patterns / Books over these limits and all yarn orders - £3.80

All orders over £40 – Free P+P

*If you have a mix of books and leaflets the limits will vary.    


You can find the currently P+P prices, including how many Leaflets and Books you get for each tier, on our UK P+P page online.   


Please vote below to let us know if you would like to keep the P+P as it is without tracking or if you are happy to lose the £1.65 P+P tier to get full tracking.  


We need to decide quite quickly please do vote asap. 

Would you like us to go to Fully Tracked? *


Do you have any comments for us on this topic?


If you would like to be informed of the results please add your email address below. This will not be used for any other purpose than contacting you with the result.

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