Association of Women Solicitors London - Free Advice to Members

Please complete this form with the required details including a brief chronological summary of the situation on which you would like our advice.

So we can give you initial legal advice we must gather and retain some personal data, including name, address, email & phone number, name of employer and details of the situation you are in (which may include information about your personal characteristics).

If you do not become a client we retain this data securely for one year. We then delete it, except for your name, your employer’s name and legal advice we provided. This information will be kept securely filed for six years for insurance reasons. If you become a client after our initial advice, our client care letter contains more detailed data protection information.

Please note that although it is highly unlikely that we will have a conflict of interest, we do need the name of your employer. If you are unhappy about including this in the form then you may request a callback and a member of our administrative team will take this information from you by phone before allocating your case to a solicitor.

We aim to be in touch within 2 working days of receiving this form.
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