Allocations Policy Review Consultation Survey

The Allocations Policy details how we allocate social housing in Cheshire West.  It includes the principles and rules we use to decide who can apply for housing, and how we prioritise who gets a home.  Our Allocations Policy is a partnership agreement between the Council and the main social housing providers in the Borough.  
Over the last five years, the number of households on the register has increased and there are currently just under nine thousand households on the register waiting for social housing.  However, most people will never be offered a property as only 1,228 properties became available last year.  Customers tell us that the current policy is complicated and confusing.  We also want to provide better information to applicants on their prospects of being rehoused, so they can make informed choices about where they want to live. 
We have looked at the current criteria and have worked with our housing partners and stakeholders to draft a new proposed policy, and we would like to know what you think.
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