Ayr Columbarium & Museum Project Survey
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This project has been set up to determine if there is community support for the use of the Darlington Place Church building as an Internal Columbarium, a place where memorials to family loved ones can be put on display.  
Ultimately, if successful, the restored building and contents will act as a museum and hopefully become a place of historical interest, in the centre of Ayr.  This beautiful building sits in a prominent position in Ayr and unfortunately is falling into decline because it no longer has a purpose.
This United Presbyterian Church opened its doors in 1860.  The building was vacated by the congregation in the late 1970's and eventually was acquired by the Ayr Common Good Fund.  In 1986 the building was converted to a theatre and was the operational base for the Borderline Theatre company.  Due to difficulties obtaining funding the theatre closed its doors in 2009. South Ayrshire Council is now responsible for maintaining this Grade B listed building.  
Unfortunately funds can not be obtained to restore the building until there is an identified financially viable purpose for the building.  The council along with the Ayr Building Preservation Trust have undertaken 'Option Appraisals' for several new purposes for the building, however none of the options proved to be viable.   
The inspiration for this Columbarium project idea came from watching Billy Connolly's documentary 'The Big Send Off', where he visited the Neptune Society Columbarium in San Francisco.  The building has leased 'niches' that are used for the internment of cremation urns and/or mementoes.  Big Send Off (Billy Connolly) San Francisco Columbarium 
The intentions for the Ayr Columbarium Project are:
  • The Columbarium business would be run as a 'not for profit' organisation.
  • Memorials and niches would be leased, in addition there would be the facility of displaying electronic information about the individual. 
  • The restored building would also contain a Cafe and rooms that could be used by community groups to hold meetings.
  • Any additional monies would be donated to bereavement support charities. 
Please complete the following anonymous survey below by clicking on 'Next Page' to let us know your thoughts on this project.