BRUU Survey

Your feedback is so valuable and will help us know what to focus on in the coming months. There are only 12 questions and it should take less that a few minutes.

1. In one sentence describe yourself


2. Have you enjoyed being a member of BRUU so far?


3. I've learned more about tea since joining BRUU


4. The quantity of tea is just right.


5. Which of these best describes your tea preferences


6. In the near future I would like to see more...


7. As well as having a monthly tea club I would also like to be able to buy more of the teas I like


8. Are the bags the teas come in practical?


9. Have you enjoyed the teas we have sent you so far? Have we got the balance right between discovery and personalisation? Would you like more surprise teas in your deliveries? (Please comment)


10. Would your workplace be interested in receiving a monthly delivery of teas for the office? If so, do you have any ideas or thoughts on how we could best go about it?


11. What's the best way to keep you updated on news, events and more?


Be honest, what's one thing that we're doing well, and two things that we could do better?


12. Do you have any other comments or feedback?


13. Based on your experience so far how would you rate us?

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