Budget Consultation 2020/2021

Sedgemoor District Council wants you to have your say on how the Council should spend your Council Tax. The Council continues to work within a very tight budget, which will mean the Council will have to make choices between reducing services to stay within the funding available, or find ways of raising extra funds.
The main services the Council currently provides, either directly or in partnership are as follows:
Affordable Housing (rented Housing at lower than Market rents);
Car Parks;
Clean Streets;
Community Safety (partnership working to reduce crime and fear of crime and to tackle anti-social behaviour);
Economic Development & Regeneration (business support job creation, encouraging investment and improving skills);
Environmental Health Services (food safety, licensing, dog warden, environmental protection including noise and pollution);
Emergency response (e.g. Flooding);
Grants to Support Community and Voluntary Organisations;
Grass cutting and flower beds;
Housing Benefits administration:
Housing Services (housing advice and homeless prevention; grants to enable independent living; regulation of the private rented sector);
Parks and open spaces;
Waste Collection.

1. Overall, how satisfied are you with Sedgemoor District Council? (please tick one box only)


2. What is your preferred method of conducting business with the Council? (You may select more than 1 answer)


3. When contacting us online, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Services currently available to you through the Council’s web site? (Please tick one box only)


4. The cheapest way to make payments to us is by Direct Debit but other methods are available. Please choose your preferred payment method from the options below (You may select more than 1 answer).


5. What council business would you like to be able to conduct online or via a mobile app? Please note starred items are already available online. (please tick all that apply)


6. How do you currently find out what Sedgemoor District Council provides and does? (Please tick all boxes that apply)