Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioners - promoting healthy eating in practice

Important information, please read before starting the survey.

Hi, my name is Angela, I’ve been a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioner for 12 years and I’m studying MSc Public Health Nutrition. I really appreciate your time and value your experience as a CAM professional. Your participation in this short survey will help me to investigate an element of health promotion across the CAM sector in my MSc research dissertation study. The aim of the study is to explore how CAM practitioners, across a wide variety of disciplines, promote healthy eating. The prevalence of diet and lifestyle related diseases is a pressing public health challenge, and tackling this challenge is the responsibility of all health professionals, including those who practice CAM. Promoting healthy eating behaviours is one way to address these public health problems. A benefit of CAM, often reported by practitioners, is having more time to spend with clients compared to other health professionals. Some of this time might be used to discuss and promote healthy eating, even in the smallest conversations. The survey will ask you to think about whether you have the opportunity, confidence and motivations to discuss healthy eating with your clients, what practices and advice you might give and any training you might have related to healthy eating and behaviour change. The widest variety of disciplines is sought to enable analysis across the sector, so please share the survey link with your colleagues at the end. Your participation is valued regardless of how much or how little you think you promote healthy eating.

Before you decide to take part in the survey, it’s important that you understand what’s involved and how you’ll contribute to the project. Please take time to read this information, discuss it with others if you wish, and if you have any questions regarding the research, please get in touch. Contact details are found below.
Participation is voluntary and anonymous

Your participation is voluntary. You won’t be asked any questions that will identify you, and your answers will be anonymous to protect you. All data will be handled to comply with data protection legislation.
Nutrition-based disciplines are excluded

As nutrition-based disciplines such as nutritional therapy, naturopathy and ayurvedic specifically address diet, their inclusion will potentially bias the data generated. This study will look at and compare the experiences of all other CAM disciplines.
It is not a test of nutrition knowledge.
How long it will take and consent

It will take you less than 15 mins to complete the survey. You will be asked to confirm that you consent to the information you provide to be used in the research study before pressing NEXT to start the survey.
What are the possible benefits or risks of taking part?

Although, there are no obvious benefits to you of taking part, I hope you will find it an interesting experience. Some participants might find answering some questions to feel personal or embarrassing. It is not the intention of the researcher to cause distress. Remember your participation is anonymous, you are not being assessed in any way. Links to resources about healthy eating behaviour change are provided at the end of the survey.
This study has been reviewed by the Edge Hill Faculty of Health and Social Care Postgraduate Taught Ethics Committee. If you would like to talk to someone independent of the study, please contact Prof Clare Austin,
Researcher: Angela Beasor
Supervisor: Dr Jane Bradbury, email

Confirmation statement

I have read the information provided here and understand that my participation is voluntary and anonymous. I understand that by taking part I consent to the information I provide to be used in the research study.

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