Thornbury Questionnaire


1. Do you think the amount of housing in Thornbury caters for the towns population *


2. Would you say the quality and value of the housing in Thornbury is high, average or low?


3. Would you say you know the area of Thornbury well?


4. Would you say there has been an increase in the value of housing in Thornbury?


5. In your own words how would you say the housing has changed? E.g has there been new housing built, Have former farm buildings been converted etc


6. Do you think the public areas of Thornbury are kept at a good cleanliness level? E.g no litter


7. Would you say there is enough green open spaces for the public?


8. Do you think there is any evident air pollution in Thornbury


9. Would you say buildings are in good condition?


10. In your own words describe how the physical environment of Thornbury could be improved 


11. Would you say you have easy access to commuter routes in Thornbury?


12. Would you say there is a good range of basic services?


13. Would you say they are a good amount of job opportunities in Thornbury


14. Would you say the services in Thornbury are of good quality?


15. In your own words how would you say the quality of schooling in Thornbury is

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