Topaz Swim REFINE, led by award winning Business owner Natasha Griggs, Founder & Creative Director of independent Start up Company Topaz Luxe Ltd. Topaz Swim is a bespoke Swimwear brand that launched in the Spring of 2020. I found that the current swimwear market was missing the niche of classic high quality swimwear at a competitive price. The company's mission was to create exclusive swimwear which promotes unique designs to a tailored fit. I founded the brand from my bedroom, whilst working as a full time designer for three years. Since Topaz Swim launched last year, we have been awarded Best New Swimwear Brand of the Year by Central Prestige Awards 2021,and I have been recently nominated by the Women's Business Awards for Business Women of the Year.
Following my market research, I noticed a further gap in the Swimwear market. There is a distinct lack of technical swimwear that is tailored for women recovering from a mastectomy or breast reconstruction, who still have an undeniable need to feel feminine and confident in their new bodies.
The current swimwear market is very limited when it comes to finding a swimsuit that not only is going to fit a purpose, but make women feel confident when they are at their most vulnerable. Instead of limiting consumers to survival friendly swimwear, I seek to bring to market a revolutionary new swimwear brand that meets the needs of millions of women worldwide recovering post surgery.
The name REFINE comes from the meaning of removing impurities and unwanted elements. Style, quality and functionality are three parts of the equation when it comes to our innovation. We will focus on creating high quality, flattering fits that will honour unique breast surgeries and shapes, while luxurious UPF 50 fabrics help keep your sun sensitive skin safe from UVA AND UVB rays. Keeping our strong brand values in mind throughout.
Thank you for taking the time to complete my questionnaire; please feel free to disregard any questions which are irrelevant.

1. How old are you?


2. How does going on holiday and wearing a swimsuit// bikini in public make you feel post surgery?

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