Improving Career Pathways for CLD practitioners


Why are CLDSC undertaking this survey of its members?

1        To identify demand for training and qualifications

Last year CLDSC published the Review of Career Pathway for CLD  which made a number of recommendations to help ensure that there is an accessible pathway of accredited stepping stones creating more options for people who wish to gain qualifications in CLD such as HNC Working in Communities, SVQs in Youth Work and a degree in CLD.

In progressing the recommendations CLDSC has strengthened links with the colleges and other SQA accredited providers and now needs to establish the potential demand for these programmes to help us to work with providers and funding bodies to secure the opportunities needed by CLD Practitioners.

2        To assist in the development of a nationally agreed and endorsed framework to guide employers regarding the recruitment of appropriately qualified CLD staff

Information gleaned from the survey will be used to support the implementation of the Workforce Development component of the CLD Plans Guidance Note (2021-24)  specifically the expectation for employers to ‘recruit qualified CLD practitioners, at the appropriate level of practice or leadership across all areas of Adult Learning, Community Development, Family Learning and Youth Work’.  The CLDSC has committed to working alongside key stakeholders and employers to develop and agree a framework for qualifications in consultation with the field.

3        To inform the creation of a Workforce Strategy for CLD practitioners

CLDSC is currently in discussion with key stakeholders about the development of a Workforce Strategy which would encourage new entrants into the profession, and ensure the workforce is valued and supported through the provision of professional learning opportunities.  This would align with the workforce components of the Adult Learning and Youth Work Strategies and the emerging Lifelong Learning Strategy. 

Thank you for your time.