CLD Standards Council Members Conference Evaluation 2020

Dear Colleague
Thank you for attending the CLDSC Members’ Conference 2020.  We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your feedback with us.  As it says on the tin, this is YOUR conference and we want to do whatever possible to improve it for next year, as well as acknowledging any areas you thought were particularly positive.
Thanks again for your attendance and participation.
CLD Standards Council
Evaluation Form

Using the scale 1-6 where 1 represents a low or poor score and 6 represents a high or excellent score, please tick the number which best reflects your thoughts and feelings.

1. How would you rate the promotional information sent out prior to the conference (e.g. Member Bulletin information, Tweets, website information) *

Influential in your decision to attend
Ease of Conference registration process

2. How would you rate the overall conference programme? *

Relevance of the themes to you
Standard and suitability of speakers

3. How would you rate the input presented by Gavin Oattes? *


4. How would you rate the presentation by Alan Sherry "CLD 2021 and Beyond"? *


5. How would you rate the "2 Sides of the Story" panel session? *


6. How would you rate the "Back to the Future" inputs? *


7. What were the most useful and least useful parts of the conference? *


8. How would you describe the general atmosphere of the Conference? *


9. Please rate and comment on the format of the conference. *

Digital delivery platform (Zoom)
Timings - i.e. conference split over 2 days
Suitability of digital tools used e.g. Jamboard, Menti

10. Did you have enough time and opportunity to connect and network with fellow CLD Standards Council Members? *


11. Please make any other comments you feel would be valuable to us in organising a future event. *


12. If you would like a member of the team to contact you to discuss your feedback, please provide your name and email address.


13. If you provided your name and email above the CLD Standards Council will only use this to communicate with you in relation to your comments about the CLD Standards Council conference. *