Chilham Parish Council Parish Question Time 2018


1. Which part of the parish do you live in? *


Are you and residents proud of their village? *


3. How do you rate public transport in the village? *


4. How important are the following housing issues to you? Please rate the options by order of importance where 1 is the most important and 5 is the least important. *

More affordable housing
Maintain local character of buildings
restrict new development
strong emphasis on design quality of new housing
Availability of green spaces

These next questions relate to Chilham Village, but should be answered by all who live in the parish.

Do you use local shops in the parish?
Do you use the local doctor's surgery?
Do you work in the parish?
Do you use the sports facilities in the parish?
Do you support the parish church at Chilham?
Do you use Chilham or Old Wives Lees village hall?

6. Facilities and tourism *

Are more shops and services needed?
Does the local doctor's surgery have adequate facilities?
Are more employment opportunities needed?
Are more sports and leisure facilities needed?
Do you think the parish church could be used more for parish activities?
Are Chilham and Old Wives Lees village halls easily accessible for you?

7. Chilham School *

Do you have children at Chilham Primary School?
Could the school be used more for community purposes?

8. Please enter your name, address and post code here (this helps us to avoid duplicate responses, either on line or by a paper response).