Croydon BME Wellness survey


1. Do you live or work in Croydon? *


2. What is your ethnicity? *

  • Asian or Asian British
  • Mixed
  • Black or Black British
  • Other Ethnic Group
  • White

3. Have you had an occasion when you, or a family member or friends, have not felt right?

Definition of not feeling right can include: anxious, low, trouble sleeping, stressed, bereaved, lonely, isolated, angry.



4. Where do you, or your family member or friend, go now when you/ they are not feeling right?



5. What is your understanding of wellness?


6. What makes you feel good?


7. What would you like to learn about wellness?


8. Where would you like to go for support and advice in maintaining wellness? *


9. What support would you like to receive? *


10. Who should deliver this service?


11. There is a plan to create a place you can go in the Whitgift Centre in central Croydon. Do you think this is a good location for this? *


12. What is your gender? *


13. What is your age? *


14. What is your marital status?


15. What is your religious belief?

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